Coco Clopton is a Triple Threat on and off the field

In the world of high school athletics, there are standout athletes, and then there’s Swampscott High School’s 17-year-old Coco Clopton. A true triple-threat athlete, Clopton has excelled in field hockey, lacrosse, and swimming since her early years.

Clopton’s love affair with lacrosse began in the first grade, and since then, she’s never looked back. She’s equally comfortable in midfield, attack, or defense. Her prowess on the draw, a critical aspect of lacrosse, is a skill she has honed over the years. Clopton attributes much of her lacrosse knowledge and skills to her older sister, who has been a guiding force in her life.

Her strong background in swimming and lacrosse laid the foundation for her athletic journey. Her family’s influence, particularly her dad’s love for lacrosse, made her path clear from a young age. She swam from the age of six, nurturing her technique and stamina.

“I think a big part of playing lacrosse was my family,” Clopton said. “I was born in Maryland, where lacrosse is huge. My dad grew up playing it too.”

Clopton isn’t just an ace athlete. In the classroom, she is just as impressive – a hardworking student balancing academic responsibilities and sports commitments. She said that the secret to her success lies in her disciplined routine, which mirrors her sports regimen. After school, she dedicates herself to rigorous practice sessions and games, often followed by early morning training. This routine, she believes, not only keeps her physically fit but sharpens her focus academically.

“For me, the balance comes kind of naturally,” Clopton said. “Sports has helped me a lot with my academic organization and having a set routine. I make it a priority to create time for my personal life as well. Being active and having that time in my day helps me focus.”

What truly makes Clopton a remarkable student-athlete is her strong sense of community involvement. Being deeply engaged in the school community has always been a priority for her. Her teachers are also her coaches, and she finds her teammates in every nook and cranny of the school. This passion for community has driven her to be part of the student council for four years, and she currently serves as the president of the Anti-Defamation League club. Her fellow officers are some of her best friends who, like her, are multi-sport female athletes.

Clopton’s leadership qualities shine brightly as she captains her teams in all three sports during her senior year. Her positive attitude and ability to stay resilient even after a team loss set her apart. She believes that her mistakes only fuel her determination to improve.

“Leadership means not getting frustrated and always trying your level best,” Clopton said. “When I make mistakes, usually my way of dealing with it is just doubling down and trying five times harder (so) that it should never happen again.”

Support plays a vital role in Clopton’s journey, and her parents have been her pillars of strength, guiding her through the college lacrosse recruitment process. She secured a spot on the UMass Lowell lacrosse team earlier this year.

Outside of sports, Clopton enjoys spending time with her friends, many of whom are fellow athletes, whether it’s watching movies, going to the beach, or hitting the golf course.