Author: Joey Barrett

People & Places

Charlie Baker gives it the old college try

When Charlie Baker was a student at Needham High School, he was a member of the student council and basketball team. Looking back, it makes a lot of sense. On March 1, the 72nd governor of Massachusetts (2015-23) and former Swampscott selectman (2004-07) took over as president of the NCAA. “I was originally approached by […]

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Sports & Leisure

49 minutes of madness

What a summer it was for a group of kids, their parents, their fans, and their community – all because of a baseball team. Representing a town that loves its Little League, Swampscott’s 12-year-old All-Star team did it again, capturing the District 16 Championship. “We didn’t get any easy games in the district,” coach Dave […]

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